Terms & Conditions of Commissioned Artwork

Introduction: Let’s Break it Down

This page contains the terms, and conditions for the purchase of Custom Artworks from my website (www.doodlher.com).

Commissioning an artist to create a custom portrait is a wonderful experience and opportunity for you to own a piece of artwork that is truly one-of-a-kind.

When you commission a portrait from me, you are commissioning a portrait in my style. All of my drawings originate as freehand illustrations, which means that I don’t use mechanical instruments to guide me or provide straight edges. The resulting style is a visual representation of the subject that provides a likeness and not necessarily photographic realism. I explore the subject with my eyes and then translate its real-world shapes and shadows into a pen drawing. The final artwork is the result of the image being processed by my brain, and is unique to my ‘creative wiring’, just like a fingerprint. In short, you should purchase a commission from me if you want a Doodlher artwork. If you’re not familiar with my style, take a look at my Instagram feed to explore my artwork further. You may think that it is strange of me to be so honest, but I care about your expectations and want you to be happy with what I create for you. If you don’t want a Doodlher style portrait, perhaps I’m not the artist for you. If you don’t know what you want but fancy a surprise in seeing what I create, then fantastic, you know what to do.

The Terms and Conditions on this page are in place to ensure that we both understand how the commission process works, and what is included. These Terms are not here to scare you, and I certainly don’t want them to put you off. The Terms are a necessary component for me to have in place to avoid confusion, to ensure that we both know what is included, and to outline the process.

The Wordy Part:

Glossary of terms

  1. Website: Refers to www.doodlher.com and all pages within this domain.
  2. Artist: Refers to the individual creating the Commission (“doodlher”, “Victoria Whitaker”).
  3. Customer: Refers to the individual purchasing the Commission.
  4. Commission: Refers to the service provided to the Customer by the Artist. “Art[work],” and “Project[s]” “Portrait[s]” are used interchangeably herein and in any communication between the Artist and the Customer.
  5. Custom Artwork: Refers to Commission artwork available to purchase through the Website.
  6. Start of Work: The point in time when the Customer has approved the Artist to start work on the Commission

The Custom Artwork packages available to purchase on my website exist for personal commissions only, i.e. artwork that is intended to be displayed: in a home environment; OR by an individual for personal use only.

The Custom Artwork packages are not designed for businesses, commercial use, or for use in scenarios where the Custom Artwork will be reproduced for promotional purposes. Such commissions must be arranged with me directly, and on a case-by-case basis.

Creating the Artwork

The Custom Artwork will be created to reflect the likeness of the reference(s) provided by the Customer. The Custom Artwork will be created using traditional and digital medium by the Artist. The Customer will receive the final artwork in the form of a giclée print that has been printed on fine art paper using printing methods and ink that is suitable for archival quality fine art.

Photograph References

The customer is responsible for providing the reference photograph(s) to be used by the artist. The customer accepts all responsibility and liability for the use of any reference material they provide, and acknowledges that they hold all appropriate ownership and permission to use this material. If you are using a photograph that has been taken by a professional photographer, please ensure that you have permission to use this image as this is not always the case.

Copyright & Ownership

By commissioning a Custom Artwork, the Customer is purchasing the Artist’s labour and a single fine art print of the final artwork. The Artist retains all rights to the commissioned artwork, which includes but is not limited to: Distribution, reproduction, use of the commissioned artwork for Artist promotion. The Customer may not distribute, reproduce, or otherwise profit from the commissioned artwork. The Customer may not edit, alter, or trace the Custom Artwork without prior expressed written consent from the Artist. All original sketches and preliminary design materials that were made and used to create the final artwork will be retained by the Artist. The Customer has permission to share photographs of the Custom Artwork on social media and are welcomed to tag the Artist’s profile @doodlher in the post.


The Customer may request a preview of the Custom Artwork at any time during the creation process, but may not request changes to the Custom Artwork after the Start of Work, unless a written agreement has been made permitting this prior to the start of work (such an agreement will incur an additional fee). The Custom Artwork packages sold on the Website do not include revisions. It is important that the Customer communicates any requirements of the content featured within the Custom Artwork in the preliminary contact stage, prior to the Start of Work.


Refunds may only be issued if the Customer notifies the Artist prior to Start of Work.


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