Worker Bee Under the Tower

Blue Screen Print (A4)

Limited edition hand-pulled screen print in blue taken from an original Doodlher drawing of a vintage Piaggio Ape tuk tuk parked beneath the majestic clock tower of Rochdale Town Hall.


Edition Size: 3

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Tourists eat your heart out, this northern gem has all the beauty of London’s Big Ben without the hassle of long queues for that Instagram worthy snap. Rochdale’s majestic clock tower stands 58m proud over the surrounding town vista, sagely observing the daily bustle of activity that scuttles around its feet.

This hand-pulled screen print is taken from an original sketchbook drawing made shortly after the closing of the Street Eats food festival. All but a single trader had left the grounds beneath the clock tower – and that trader happened to be a 1970’s Piaggio Ape tuk tuk. During the Industrial Revolution, Rochdale, like many other Manchester towns, adopted the symbol of the bee as a representation for its hard grafting workforce and industrial strength. What a coincidence that this little Piaggio Ape – Ape is the Italian word for bee – should be the last van standing at the foot of the Town Hall built during the peak of the town’s industrial prowess. This doodle captures that moment – a beautiful scene, and one with extra meaning for those who know.

  • Printed on 280gsm recycled brown card
  • Size: A4

This edition is limited by its size and print colour. We screen print all our designs by hand to give your print its own unique appearance and personality. Select the Print Number from the available options to preview each design.