Space Cats – Vinyl Sticker Set

Pack of 6

Become the proud owner (or loyal servant) of all six space cats with this cool pack of vinyl stickers.

Stickier than the dog’s favourite stick – muahaha – these super tough and weather-resistant decals are a must-have for cat fans everywhere – on planet earth and beyond!


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Stick them on your notebook, water bottle, best friend’s forehead. It’s up to you so go as wild as you feel. These durable vinyl stickers are weatherproof and have been printed with UV stable inks so you can be sure your sticker display will be long lasting

Meet the Space Cats

Harold the Sphynx

Harold is super bubbly and enjoys long conversations with his favourite cat friends. When he’s not exploring the outer edges of the galaxy, he enjoys curating his ever-growing collection of knitwear sweaters. He is hairless after all!

Boo the white Shorthair
Boo can’t hear anything, but he makes up for it with his incredible sense of smell and loud angelic meowing. If he wasn’t floating around the atmosphere in his space suit he’d be recording his latest opera album.

Reine the Maine Coon
Reine’s name is the French word for ‘queen’, and is pronounced ‘renn’. She’s very kind and gentle with her fellow Space Cats, and is often the first one to be approached when another needs a snuggle. 

Oscar the Siamese
Oscar is never short of energy. He’s always the first to round up all the other cats to play a game. Oscar loves putting his mind to problem-solving, and is often found in the spaceship’s engineering bay untangling the wool from the wires.

Monnay the Persian
Monnay loves the peace and serenity of life in space, painting pictures in the stars of flowers and of course her beautiful self-portrait.

Mr Tibbles the Tabby
Mr T. is a wise and happy chap who loves sitting in his favourite chair admiring the celestial wonders outside the spaceship windows.   

  • Vinyl
  • Strong sticky back
  • 80mm x 80mm

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