Hunter’s Lane

Screen Print on Painted Background (A4)

Made in Rochdale. A limited edition hand-pulled screen print with hand painted highlights. Each edition number boasts its own unique appearance. This design is taken from an original Doodlher drawing of Hunter’s Lane in Rochdale.

Note: This is an unframed print. Main image for demonstration purposes only.


Edition Size: 5

More Information

Welcome to Hunter’s Lane in Rochdale. Those steps look pretty welcoming don’t they? Follow them and you’ll find yourself standing outside the church gates to Saint Mary-in-the-Baum. Its gardens are said to be haunted by the ghost of a white rabbit! Don’t follow him down the hole, who knows where you’ll end up.

In front of us, behind the garden rockery, is part of the Pioneer’s Museum. The Cooperative Society was founded there in 1844. You can still visit the site of the original store to this day. It now pays homage to the society’s history as a museum and education centre.

In the distance are two of the iconic ‘Seven Sisters’ flats. Built in the late 60’s, these blocks are easy to pinpoint in the Rochdale skyline. Stand on any of the surrounding hills and you’ll spot them.

  • Printed on 280gsm recycled brown card
  • Size: A4

This edition is limited by its size, print colour and the presence of a painted background. We screen print all our designs by hand to give your print its own unique appearance and personality. Select the Print Number from the available options to preview each design.