An Empty Tomb

Screen Print on Painted Background (A5)

Based on an original Doodlher drawing of the Cenotaph in Rochdale, each A5 print features an individually hand-painted background. The contrast of the black screen print against the loose brushstrokes makes for a truly individual mixed-media composition.


Edition Size: 12

More Information

The Grade I listed Cenotaph in Rochdale was designed by celebrated architect, Sir Edwin Lutyens. It was unveiled in 1922, and is one of seven memorials based on his Cenotaph in Whitehall, London. Located opposite Rochdale Town Hall, this granite war memorial sits atop a pyramid of steps and is surrounded by parkland.

My Inspiration

I drew this sketch on a summer’s afternoon sat on the manicured lawns next to the Cenotaph. At the time, I’d been spending a lot of sketchbook hours doodling the adjacent Town Hall building – a very complex structure with plenty of brickwork and unusual carvings to challenge my drawing hand. The Cenotaph, on the other hand, appeared to be quite the opposite and I was keen to make it my next doodle subject. Its smooth, white and grey surface punctuated by the shallow grooves of its large granite blocks were very different to the Town Hall.

Although visually different, both structures are central markers in the Rochdale people’s history. The Town Hall was built as an acknowledgement of the borough’s industrial prowess and skilled workforce. The Cenotaph, originally commissioned after WWI, was designed as a monument to the town’s war fallen. The Town Hall’s function continues to evolve, as does the Cenotaph’s. It will always be a place of solace, but its strength as a symbol of freedom and justice continues to grow for those seeking action in modern day affairs.

  • Printed on 280gsm recycled brown card
  • Size: A5 (210mm x 148mm)

This edition is limited by its size, print colour and the presence of a painted background. We screen print all our designs by hand to give your print its own unique appearance and personality. Select the Print Number from the available options to preview each design.