Window Display for Gregory Couzens Hair Studio

When your town becomes home to a dinosaur treasure it’s hard not to get onboard. Gregory Couzens Hair Studio has fully embraced the town’s dinosaur celebrations with his specially commissioned window display.

Greg got in touch with me after seeing the first instalments of my Dinosaurs in Rochdale doodle series. He asked whether I’d be up for creating a one-off design for his window, and I said yes!

“Since hair can’t be preserved in fossils, we can’t rule out the possibility that dinosaurs looked like this…”

Funny, right? The caption comes from a popular internet meme created by Ryan Starkey in 2019. When Greg shared is with me as inspiration for the window design I thought it was hilarious. It also felt like the perfect opportunity to create something totally imaginative and fun!

From Sketch to Window Vinyl

Once I’d completed my pen and ink drawing, I digitised the original drawing to add colour and supersized it from 7 inches to 5 feet! At this size it was ready to be printed as a window vinyl and installed with my trusty squeegee and squirty water bottle.

I had to get creative to give the design extra POP. The vinyl print’s transparency made our lovely dinosaur appear too camouflaged for my liking. To remedy this, I gave the vinyl a once over with my trusty white POSCA pen.

It’s definitely not the conventional method of finishing a vinyl installation, but sometimes you’ve got to think out of the box to get the effect you want – and that’s exactly what I did.

I’m really pleased with the results of this project. It was an absolute joy conceptualising this dinosaur design then taking it all the way from my sketchbook to installation in the window.

Be sure to head down The Walk in Rochdale town centre to check it out for yourself.

Gregory Couzens Hair
Unit 7,
The Walk
OL16 1EP

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