A Postcard From Rochdale Open Exhibition at Touchstones

During the first half of 2019, my digital painting “An Unfinished Masterpiece 2” was on display at Touchstones Gallery in Rochdale. This was my first piece to ever be on display in a public gallery. I created it as an entry to the Postcard From Rochdale open exhibition, and my design ended up being awarded the Artistic Excellence Award on March 2nd!

A Postcard from Rochdale was the name of the exhibition. The public were invited to create a new piece of artwork in response to an item from the Touchstones collection. The only criteria for the work was that it had to measure 6 x 4 inches – basically a postcard!

“I chose the painting entitled An Unfinished Masterpiece by Philip Edward Burne-Jones. “

It really wasn’t the type of scene I had envisaged using as the inspiration for my entry. I had originally intended on choosing something that depicted a familiar Rochdale scene. However, upon seeing the painting for the first time, I was immediately captivated by the sad-looking man sat in an empty room in front of an easel.

The depiction of an impoverished shell of an artist, at the mercy of his own creative hand, is a scene that really struck a chord with me. I wanted to recreate the scene as a self-portrait, with modern references, and in a modern medium.

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