Printed by Hand in Rochdale

All my doodles begin their life as pen and ink drawings. But the creative process doesn’t always stop there. Some will evolve into screen prints, all handmade by myself and Mr Doodlher in Rochdale.

Screen printing is the age old process of transferring a design onto a flat surface using inks, a squeegee and a mesh screen. Once upon a time Rochdale had a thriving print and textile industry. Mr Doodlher has family roots in the trade and spent many hours in his youth working the screen printing tables. It’s exciting to be rekindling his family trade with a sprinkle of Doodlher magic.

It’s messy and a real labour of love

Printing by hand is messy work and a real labour of love. Applying the emulsion then drying, exposing the design, cleaning the exposed mesh then drying – just a few of the processes that have to occur before even a drop of ink is applied.

With such a long process involved, you may be thinking why bother? Well it’s the hands-on approach we really enjoy. Each print is dealt with individually and so will inherit its own visual quirks and features depending on how we pull the squeegee. It’s like a true evolution from the original drawing.

Hunter’s Lane: The Making of The Print

Hunter’s Lane is a screen print with extra pizazz. Before landing on the printing table, each edition was treated to its own unique painted background of whites, pinks, greens and purple brush strokes. Once the printed design has been applied, the resulting art was a vibrant view of Rochdale ‘Seven Sisters’ flats and the Cooperative Museum – like you’ve never seen it before.

My collection of screen prints will continue to evolve and grow as time goes on. Be sure to check back now and again to see the latest creations.

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