Kid’s Cutout & Colour-In Rochdale

Here’s a fun and creative activity for the kids to enjoy. Print these six Rochdale doodles and assemble them to create your own imaginary scene. From the depths of the rainforest to outer space, where will your creativity take you?

Equipment List

  • Cutout & Colour-In Rochdale activity sheet
  • Scissors
  • Colouring pencils or felt-tip pens
  • 1 blank sheet of paper
  • Glue (optional)


Download and print the free activity sheet. Carefully cut out* each of the Rochdale characters and buildings, then assemble them to create your imaginary scene. Draw any extra characters you need and decorate the scene with your colouring pens or crayons.

*Please supervise children when they are using scissors.

Share your creations with me @doodlher on Instagram and Twitter!

Ideas & Inspiration

Tropical Takeover

Rochdale Town Centre has been taken over by dinosaurs and other strange jungle creatures! Watch out for the venus fly traps!

Outer Space Adventures

Three, two, one… Blast off! Rochdale Town Hall Clock Tower has transformed into a rocket ship! What strange things might it see on its adventures in outer space?

The Town That Rocked

Gracie’s hosting a concert, but the guests are a little bit extraordinary…

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