I am a self taught artist and illustrator based in Rochdale, Manchester in the UK. Here's the story behind my art and the process of bringing it to life.

Meet Victoria aka Doodlher

Drawing has always been part of my life. It’s always been a source of creative happiness for me. I’m pleased to be able to share my creations with the world and pass that happiness on to the next person.

A Lifelong Passion

As much as I knew what I was producing, I never really knew where the journey would take me.

Drawing has always been a part of my life. From the moment I could grasp a chunky wax crayon between my fingers I’ve been exploring this endless source of creativity and expression. Besides art class at high school and sixth form , I’ve never received or pursued any formal art training. The opportunity arose aged 17, a momentary battle between French and Fine Art. I had enjoyed art classes at school. They were a much needed moment of calm and escape from the intensity of academia and all that growing up stuff. But the fear of art becoming academic frightened me. I’d never been under pressure to create and I didn’t want that to ever be the case. Drawing was a lifelong friend and I couldn’t risk putting that relationship on the chopping block, so the French won.

Best decision of my life. A full time French degree with art on the side was the perfect formula for me. When things got intense (which it did, learning a language is hard) the drawing was always there like a nice, cosy hot water bottle. Upon later reflection, I realise that the two pursuits bolstered each other very well. Art is a visual language as much as it is a thing to look at. Four years of intense communication and translation practice really do go a long way, especially for illustration.



People and Places are the primary focus and influence to my work. Beyond being interesting and challenging subjects, I also enjoy exploring the social, cultural, and historical connections that exist between the two.

Pen & Ink

Each design begins its life on paper as a pen sketch. I appreciate the permanence of pen so very rarely use pencils. I feel very strongly that the concept of ‘mistakes’ in art is a terrible hindrance to creativity. The lines we draw are the products of our experiences and unique style. I find that working in pen removes the temptation to erase lines and allows my creations to come together in their purest form.

Screen Prints

After being completed in the sketchbook, a design may be reproduced as a limited edition hand pulled screen print. All my prints are lovingly created in the Doodlher studio on a variety of papers and materials, with each one inheriting its own unique characteristics from the print process.

Going Public

Decades of drawing… but nobody knew.

I began drawing in the public during the summer of 2017. Previously I’d only really done it at home and I’d certainly never show anyone my sketchbook besides my immediate family. The reason? What if people don’t like it…

I can’t remember what the trigger was (if any) to ‘coming out’ as an artist. I just woke up one day and decided it was time, so took my sketchbook with me to the pub one evening. To my amazement, the world didn’t end. In fact, it made the evening more productive and relaxing. What have I been doing all my life?!

In late 2018 I launched my Instagram page. Posting the first designs felt like bearing my soul to the world. I’d scrunch my eyes up and look away as I hit the post button. Ten posts later, it felt easier. Another five posts later, almost painless.

Digital 'Hybrid' Art

Whilst studying for my French degree I discovered digital art. Setting up a permanent space to paint in was very difficult, so I fully embraced the digital alternative. Nowadays, I enjoy being able to mix the traditional and modern mediums together – scanning my sketchbook doodles into the computer and finishing them digitally. The results are vibrant, eye-catching and clean illustrations. I like to call these creations my Doodlher Hybrids.

Street to Sketch
Sketch to Street

My doodles are very intricate in design and often no larger than A5. I often work from my own photo references but also enjoy live sketching in the street. Following my first mural commission, I’ve become comfortable with the concept that size really is no limit. It’s interesting how the process of street to sketchbook can sometimes reverse to become sketchbook to street art.



artist & illustrator of people & places


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artist & illustrator of people & places